Why is art meaningful to you?

Art can communicate information, shape our daily lives, make a social statement and be enjoyed for its aesthetic beauty. Beautiful and meaningful art is a must as part of your home lifestyle. Meaningful art elevates your mood, creates calm and serenity, and evokes something personal in you that nothing else can do. Why do you make art? That's the simple question that Greater Good asked seven artists. Their answers are surprising and very diverse.

They mention making art for fun and adventure; building bridges between themselves and the rest of humanity; gathering and recording fragments of thoughts, feelings, and memories; and saying things they can't express in any other way. Art is a multifaceted phenomenon that serves as a reflection of our most intimate emotions and the world around us. It evokes feelings, from joy and pain to anger, creating a bridge of understanding between diverse groups of people. By transcending languages and cultures, art becomes an invaluable asset for fostering unity and peace.

Connect with the artist, learn more about the artwork you're interested in, and be inspired by art history. Japonism, a term first used by French art critic Philippe Burty in the late 19th century, summarizes the profound influence of Japanese art, design, and culture on art western.