Why is art important in expressing feelings?

Art allows students to release stress in a healthy way. It provides them with an alternative way to express themselves, whether through a shared experience or a more private one. The general opinion is that the ability of works of art to awaken emotions in the public is a perfectly natural and trouble-free fact. It seems obvious that we can feel sadness or pity for fictional characters, fear when seeing menacing monsters on the movie screen, and joy when listening to happy and joyful songs. This may be why many of us are consumers of art in the first place.

Many of us tend to think that good art should not leave us indifferent. Making art is not a direct way to change the way we think or change ourselves. Art is a way of seeing ourselves. A way of seeing our inner world, our thoughts and beliefs, our feelings and emotions, our loves and aversions. By making art we can learn about our inner world.

The real challenge and the skill is to channel your emotions, regardless of the medium. If properly understood, the use of art to express emotions can produce a positive experience for the recipient as a means of communication. Emotionalism is a critical and aesthetic theory of art that emphasizes the expressive qualities of art. People often associate art with meaning and emotions because artists can use their emotions to create exceptional works of art.

That said, nostalgia in art could be seen as a trick that makes people like your art more than they should because it's familiar...