What are divine feminine qualities?

Feminine divinity is associated with receptivity, intuition, collaboration, nurturing and creativity. These traits are essential for women to harness their inner strength and find purpose within themselves. The feminine divinity also tends to make decisions based on intuition. This energy focuses more on the emotional world and on the inner being. Balance is everything and in a world that seems to be full of masculine and patriarchal energy, you can invite feminine divinity to rise.

The feminine divinity may seem mystical in all its shades, but in reality it is already within us. It may have been suppressed, eclipsed, or rejected for years (and centuries), but this energy relates to the body's subtle wisdom, softness, intuition, and healing that we hold in our hearts. Understanding feminine divinity and finding ways to awaken it and incorporate it into our daily existence can help us all to connect with ourselves on a deeper level and to reconnect with Mother Earth. Let's go deeper and discover the divine feminine.

From the goddess to the great earth, what qualities does feminine divinity encompass? There are many elements that are woven into our vision of the feminine: some are fierce and others soft, and it plays with elements of strength that are different from those we are used to in this world with masculine nuances. Many of the divine feminine qualities focus on themes of the inner world: intuition, compassion, nurturing, creativity, and sensuality. Let's take a closer look at some of the best-known traits of female divinity. Perhaps one of the strongest forces, intuition and inner wisdom, means leaning on our inner voice and getting in touch with our instincts.

Often, we lead with logic and rationality and have been taught to crush our intuition. The feminine divinity reminds us that we must trust that wisdom and that we must “understand” our decisions. It is a state in which we feel comfortable, present and seek in the body a pleasant space. in which to be.

We can foster our sense of sensuality and this can have an impact on the way we move through life and the way we connect with the world around us. Slow down, do the little things that bring pleasure to your senses, and show your body a little love. Dancing, writing, painting, singing: creativity is part of being in contact with the divine feminine. Our inner landscape, our thoughts, dreams and feelings can disappear through our creative practice.

If you're having a hard time feeling that spark of creativity, start with the morning pages (write 2 to 3 pages each morning with a stream of awareness). Journaling is a great way to understand ourselves better. Forgiveness can have a thousand shades and it doesn't necessarily mean forgiving other people who have hurt you, but finding forgiveness, softness and kindness for yourself. Forgiving means letting go, making you understand yourself and easing those difficulties, and it's part of finding inner rest and peace.

Getting in touch with her divine feminine and welcoming elements in your life can be very beneficial for your body, mind and soul. By incorporating the divine feminine into your life, you can find a better balance and a fuller existence. By allowing divine feminine qualities to seep in, not only do you make your own space a better place to be, but you also send that energy of love, compassion and creativity to the universe, which can help bring symmetry to our society dominated by masculine and yang. Self-compassion, love and putting your own needs first: feminine divinity must be honored and respected, and since she lives within you, you must also be honored and respected.

From daily affirmations to recognizing that negative inner voice, make self-love a constant practice until you truly take it to your heart. Connecting with the body sets you on the path of embracing sensuality. There are many ways to connect with the body, from dancing to the simple art of self-contact or massage, or even doing things that evoke the senses. We can be a society in which there is a lot of advantage, and spending time connecting with the body is an essential part of feeling complete and incarnated.

It is important to remember the themes and lessons found in the current of the divine feminine. It's not a question of gender or binarism or of sticking to predetermined concepts and ideals, feminine divinity is more about embracing balance in our lives and saying yes to yin energy. It's about recognizing our intuitive strengths, finding softness, stimulating creativity, and encouraging love, self-care and community. In truth, the world's well-being will be better thanks to that.

We have lost touch with our intuition, our true self, our feminine side that helps us connect with the spiritual world and the energy of the cosmos. Divine feminine energy focuses on intuition, feeling, nurturing, receptivity, and interconnection. It's about healing and growth. And the world could use that right now, don't you think? Another very strong quality that comes from being in contact with your feminine divinity is that your creativity increases. Feminine divinity is the energy that helped create the world.

The same energy dwells within you. You are a divine being of light, a channel for the universe. Reconnecting with your feminine divinity will help you connect your essence with your most creative self. Empathy is another hallmark of feminine divinity.

Without empathy, you can't live with feminine energy. It helps to develop communication and intuition. Empathy is the amazing ability to put yourself in other people's shoes, to feel what they're feeling, and to understand and accept their pain or sadness. It can be developed quite easily. Whenever you see someone going through a life-changing situation, positive or negative, imagine how you would feel if you were in that person's position.

Get a deep idea of how you would feel if you were in their shoes. And never judge others no matter what they do. Developing empathy requires declaring war on the habit of judging people. The divine woman in all of us has a strong focus on the growth and development of relationships, and for that, she needs good communication skills. Communication is the foundation of all relationships.

Women had the opportunity to develop communication in the early stages of humanity, when they cooked, met and spent a lot of time together. At the same time, communication made the time more pleasant. We talked, listened to the sorrows of others, gave each other advice and support, etc. In addition, those who represent Divine Women in the home will have more responsibility and will appreciate the importance of communication. If you want to further develop the qualities of a divine woman, first improve your communication skills. If you are in a relationship and you identify with the feminine side of that relationship, you should know that you have incredible communicative powers that you can use to strengthen your relationship and bond with your partner.

While the masculine sacredness is about taking action and making a difference, the divine feminine, on the other hand, is based on acceptance and peace. Now let's not confuse acceptance with complacency. If you find yourself in a toxic situation and suffer every day, but you decide to stay and become a martyr, you are not accepting yourself as a victim, but rather acting like a victim. This is the opposite of acceptance.

Acceptance comes with a little separation, and what used to hurt or annoy you can no longer “touch” you on an emotional level. Feminine divinity is not a new buzzword, it has ancient roots and the feminine archetype has existed in many civilizations for centuries. Divine masculine and feminine energy exists in all things, including people, and in a world dominated by masculine energy, more and more people seek to take advantage of feminine divinity. Kilkenny received classical training in feng shui before becoming a sacred space designer and points out that simply incorporating more yin or feminine energy into your space is an easy way to let divine feminine energy flow.

The feminine can embody passion and creativity, but there is no place for the feminine in the perfect world of the masculine.