How can art become an expression of emotion?

One view of emotional expression in art is that it is preceded by a disturbance or excitement for a vague cause that the artist is not sure about and is therefore anxious. Then, the artist proceeds to express his feelings and ideas with words, paint, stone or similar, clarifying them and managing to release tension. For emotions to move freely through us, they must be accepted and expressed. Doing so encourages us and fuels our creativity.

Fortunately, experiencing emotions directly through art is quite simple, if you consider the process. Artists create art that transmits to us how they think and feel about things. Artists use different lines, shapes and colors to express their feelings. Each artist chooses their own colors, lines and shapes that are meaningful to them. Learn more about expressionism as an art movement HERE.

By drawing each day, looking at ourselves each day, we can see those internal parts that we would not have noticed otherwise. We can become familiar with how our mind works and with the way our hands create from it. And this process leads to satisfaction with our art and to greater acceptance and trust in ourselves. If you're obsessed with staying “safe” with art or worried about what others think your art should be, you'll end up not revealing much about yourself. Don't get me wrong, I think the art of anime is cooling, some of the other artistic styles are great, if you go to Pinterest you'll see really great art in the style of Generation Z.

According to the latter, art consists, as an activity, of transmitting emotions to other people; whereas, according to the first, the relationship between art and the public is only a possibility, not a need.