What does it mean to be a divine feminine?

The Divine Feminine forces others to see themselves. It is the oracle that the Divine Masculine goes to when he needs to be guided, it is the catalyst for mass awakenings and restores the ancient traumas suffered by generations in his family's lineage. We have lost touch with our intuition, with our true self, with our feminine side that helps us connect with the spiritual world and the energy of the cosmos. Divine feminine energy focuses on intuition, feeling, nurturing, receptivity, and interconnection.

It's about healing and growing. And the world could use that right now, don't you think? Divine femininity is a spiritual and psychological concept that embodies the qualities traditionally associated with femininity. It is not limited to one gender, but it is an essential aspect of the human experience. Divine femininity is about nurturing, understanding, empathy and connection. It represents a side of ourselves that fosters emotional intelligence, intuition and compassion.

Archetypes of femininity and fertility abound around the world and throughout history, and the exploration of feminine divinity takes many historical, anthropological, spiritual and cultural forms. Feminine divinity is the spiritual concept according to which there is a feminine counterpart to patriarchal and masculine structures of worship that organized religions have long dominated.