The Soulful Art of Creating: Unleashing Your Inner Artist

As an expert in the world of art, I have come to understand the true meaning and significance of creating art with soul. It is a form of expression that comes from within, tapping into our deepest emotions and experiences.

Soul art

is raw, authentic, and honest - it is a reflection of our innermost selves. To create art with soul, one must first set the intention. This means approaching the creative process with a clear and open mind, allowing our inner desires and emotions to guide us.

It is not about planning each step with our minds, but rather letting go and allowing our truest self to shine through. Our soul is an integral part of our being, and it can never be lost. Even after death, our soul lives on in the hearts and minds of others. This is why even if we were to lose our memory, our soul would remain strong and true. We would still be the inner artist, with the ability to create art that speaks to our soul. Even if we were to forget that we have the ability to create art, our mind would still be actively looking through the eyes of an artist.

Our soul is always present, guiding us towards our true passions and talents. I remember my first important artistic choice - I decided not to attend a Christian university where I had scholarships, but instead chose a school with a better art program. This decision was made by my soul, as it knew that my true calling was in creating art.