How is art connected to the world?

Art has the power to change the way we see the world, awakening us to new perspectives, ideas and values. It can take us back in time to reflect on our past or push us further into our future. Art can raise awareness of social problems and foster a sense of acceptance that unites people regardless of their origin. Experience art while walking around the city, listening to the radio, or driving your car. Every tangible man-made object you see or touch is the result of an artist's vision.

Artists provide a creative, intellectual and emotional vision of society at large, impacting the masses and challenging the status quo. Art helps cultures come together and drives economic growth, helping the world to become a more beautiful, better and happier place to live. That's why art is known as the element that highlights the text of life. To strengthen these partnerships between the artistic and non-art sectors, the National Endowment for the Arts recently announced a new initiative called Creativity Connects.

The integration of art into companies provides a platform for the arts to speak globally. In Massachusetts and New York, art has become a vehicle for empowering domestic workers, and in California, art and agriculture have come together to strengthen the community. In addition, learning an art form makes it economically viable, since it helps us create, manage and distribute art and, at the same time, employ many people in the process.