What are the 7 forms of art and there meaning?

The seven different art forms are painting, sculpture, literature, architecture, theater, film and music. However, in the past, the seven different art forms were called Liberal Arts and consisted of grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music. Painting is also the most taught artistic medium in educational systems. By using painting as a medium, this art form consists of expressing your artistic vision and developing it through various means, such as the use of different types of painting or other tools. Sculptures go back throughout history, they can be one of the oldest art forms in existence, along with painting.

The Great Sphinx is, monumentally, the oldest sculpture that ever existed and it is understandable that it is one of the most recognizable. A sculpture creates a three-dimensional visual figure using materials such as clay, stone, metal, ceramic and wood. However, more recently, artists who create pieces in this classic art form tend to be very creative. They use sand, glass, paper and many other different media. One of the most famous sculptors, Michelangelo, preferred marble techniques.

In fact, Michelangelo's “David”, one of the best-known sculptures in the world, was made with this material. We approve of this art form every day, but we don't always fully appreciate it or consider it an art form. Architecture is the art of structures and, although it may be related to some of the first protected areas that were built, we often relate architecture as an art form to structures such as bridges. Architecture is quite different from other forms of art. Although they all have the capacity to invoke emotions and express creativity, architecture has a functional purpose for people.

In a way, we can interact with architectural art with feelings different from those of any other art form, due to the need we have for it as a utility, in addition to being art. Words are, perhaps, the most powerful thing that exists in the world and this art form shares stories through pages and word of mouth. Of all the major art forms, cinema is undoubtedly the most recent, even though it was created more than 100 years ago. However, if artists have taught anything, it's that time doesn't negate popularity.

Just as literature shares stories through the spoken word, so does cinema. But it also uses visual arts, music and other effects to do so. The industry employs many artisans, all with different artistic backgrounds: musical scores, acting, direction, makeup, costumes, writing, editing. And they are not all.

All of these artisans also fit into one of the seven main forms of art, demonstrating how wide the range is when it comes to creativity and skill. If you want drama, this is where you'll find it. By combining visual arts with dramatic performances, the current artistic form of theater has evolved over the years. From Ancient Greece to Tudor-era England, theater has been one of the most popular sources of entertainment for many.

Traditionally, theater as an art form consisted mainly of plays and circus acts, but there were also acts of magic and pampering. Broadly speaking, theater now also encompasses musicals, operas, spoken word performances, performing arts, and dance. To understand the importance of theater as one of the main sources of entertainment, they were often represented in structures as spectacular as Greek and Roman amphitheaters and in stages such as Pompeii. An art form that transcends language, the art of organizing sound fragments and vibrations to create a musical composition.

Use of melodies, rhythms, timbres, instruments and the human voice. The exact history of music is quite difficult to date once you get that far, but considering how we can use our voice as an instrument now, there's also no reason to believe that we didn't do it in the past. So the music could be as old as the human race. There are a lot of things available to musical artists these days, with increasingly broad genres and styles of music and lots of instruments.

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There are several artistic achievements that can be classified into 7 main groups. Each form appeals to different senses that you are more or less sensitive to. Let's now discover the 7 different forms of art. Literature is a true heritage and can contribute to the preservation of a country's heritage, when its values, culture and civilization stand out.

While literature is an art form in its own right and is one of seven different art forms, it is also closely related to theater, poetry, film, music, and discourse. In fact, to represent a work, for example, it is necessary to write a script. Architecture is an art form that you see every day without realizing it or fully appreciating it as an art form. Architecture is the main art of designing spaces and constructing buildings, following empirical or scientific construction rules, as well as aesthetic, classic or new concepts, of form or arrangement of space, etc. Architecture has a functional purpose, but it is an early and coherent representation of man's desire to build significant structures throughout history. Architecture has the distinction of being both a necessity and an art form, as sculpture, it is visible to all.

Cinema is an art of the spectacle. It is characterized by the spectacle that is proposed to the public in the form of a film, that is, a story (fictional or documentary), transmitted through a medium (flexible film, magnetic tape, digital container) that is recorded and then read through a continuous or intermittent mechanism that creates the illusion of a moving image, or through a continuous recording and reading of computer data. Cinema is the most recent of the seven art forms. Created a little less than a century ago, it has quickly become one of the most popular forms. Music is an art and a cultural activity that consists of combining gifts and silences over time.

The main elements are rhythm (the way in which sounds combine over time), tone (combination of frequencies), nuance and timbre. Nowadays it is considered a form of modern poetry. Music has been one of the common elements of all human societies, since prehistoric times. It is at the same time a form of individual expression (in particular, the expression of feelings), a source of collective meeting and pleasure (a party, for example) and a symbol of a cultural, national or spiritual community (national anthem, traditional music, religious music, military music, etc.).

Nowadays, modern musicians have a wide variety of musical instruments to create their works. There are many genres of music such as classical, rock, gospel, rap, reggae, metal, funk and many others. Theater is both the art of representing a drama or a comedy, a particular literary genre, and the building in which theatrical performances take place. Theater is an art form in which the artist combines visual arts and dramatic performances. It has been part of culture since the ancient Greeks.

Theater is one of the most popular sources of entertainment. The performing arts in the broadest sense include theater, dance, music, opera, circus arts, musicals, magic, etc. Like cinema, theater incorporates other different forms of art into its work, such as music, scenography and literature. However, it also includes other forms of decorative art, such as costume making, scenography, etc. Choose from more than 1000 paint by number kits for adults.

Contemporary art is created, accepted and disseminated today and often refers to art produced since the 20th century. The term Japonism, first used by French art critic Philippe Burty in the late 19th century, summarizes the profound influence of Japanese art, design, and culture on Western art. Most of the arts created are visual or audible, but there are also arts that can be enjoyed through sensory touch. This is one of the most accessible and popular art forms in the modern world, although it's not always considered superior art like some of the “classic” forms. The most popular art forms today (modern, impressionism, abstract, pop art, surrealism, cubism, fantasy, photorealism, and graffiti) are commonly referred to as contemporary art.

Graphic art is an art form whose various techniques consist of applying manually or mechanically, on a surface, colors or forms of pigments mixed with a binder or a diluent.