How do you tap into divine feminine?

Take time to strengthen, heal, and balance your energy. Treat yourself to some retail therapy. Make personal care a priority. Do things that stimulate your creativity. As we explore easy ways to connect with the divine feminine, it's valuable to establish meaning.

These are some widely accepted definitions. Anusara Yoga preserves heart qualities that are both masculine and feminine. In short, all the qualities of the heart “they affirm life”. Therefore, as you review this short list of virtuous qualities of the female heart, recognize that the masculine is not the negative.

The masculine one offers additional “life-affirming” cardiac qualities. To better understand this distinction, study with a licensed Anusara teacher. In addition, to connect with the divine feminine in your life, consider the following feminine attributes of the heart. To get started, here are 6 simple ways to connect with the divine feminine. In addition to Anusara Yoga's short list of feminine heart qualities, consider adding your ideas to the list.

From this “cloud of words”, you can connect with moments when you feel these particular feminine qualities in your heart. From this recognition, you can connect with the divine feminine. Learn more about women who, over time, have impacted humanity. In short, their stories, whether real or mythological, help us to connect with the feminine divine. Feminine energy is considered “creative power”, which is called Shakti in Sanskrit.

Consequently, when we create something, we can connect with the feminine divinity. Therefore, creation is the powerful force of feminine divinity. By witnessing the beauty of life, you can connect with the divine feminine. In particular, the moon and water are often associated with feminine aspects of the Divine. There are many ways to access your inner goddess.

Journaling, meditating, working with affirmations, and doing your shadow work are ways you can harness your divine feminine energy. Since it's February and next week is Valentine's Day and LOVE IS IN THE AIR and the topic of relationships becomes the main topic, I began to think about what it means to be feminine and to embrace and live fully in the divine feminine energy and I noticed how much more authentically I live now than when I was living with men in a relationship. Feminine divinity is the spiritual concept that there is a feminine counterpart to the patriarchal and masculine structures of worship that have long dominated organized religions.